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AC Output Power Control Assembly (PCA)

Thayer’s Power Control Assembly (PCA) or Drive Controller is designed to accept a standard 230-380-480VAC 3 Phase 50 or 60 Hertz Power Source. This unit takes the incoming AC line voltage and converts it to an adjustable frequency output by means of an Electronic Drive Controller. The Drive Controller is controlled by either a Manual Speed Potentiometer or by an External Input Speed Signal and can be used in applications that meet the following specification ranges:

  • ½ – 2 Horsepower
  • 380-480 VAC
  • 3 Phase Invertor Duty Induction Motors

consult factory for higher horse power sizes.

Product Description

The PCA is a basic analog Drive Controller package. As such, it will be necessary to provide the required operator interface controls or equivalent input contacts. These are as follows:

  • Hand-Off-Remote Selector Switch or Contacts
  • Hand Speed Adjust Potentiometer
  • Remote Speed Adjust Signal
  • Hand Start Push Button or Contact
  • Hand Stop Push Button or Contact
  • Remote Enable Push Button or Contact
  • Remote Stop Push Button or Contact
  • Emergency Stop Push Button or Contact

This assembly is also equipped with several outputs and report back contacts that can be used to monitor the status of the PCA. These are as follows:

  • Instrument Interlock (Used for Thayer Scale Instruments)
  • Drive Enabled/Stopped Contacts
  • Remote Mode Selected Contact
  • Electronic Drive Module Fault Contacts
  • Optically Isolated Drive Module Output Contacts (See User Manual for Details)
  • Drive in Hand Mode Contact (Requires optional operator station)
  • Drive in Remote Mode Contact (Requires optional operator interface)
  • Programmable Electronic Drive Module Analog Output (See User Manual for Details)
  • Communication Port, RS485 (DSI)

The PCA is available with many standard and optional features, such as; open chassis and enclosed style options, Local/Remote Operator Station options (Refer to Table #1 for more details on these features) and communication options. Each assembly contains Protective Fusing, Input/Output Connection Terminal Strip, Electronic Drive Controller, Motor Starter and other related components needed to complete a basic analog drive controller package. Enclosed styles include a Locking Enclosure Power Disconnect and for safety reasons open chassis styles requires the installer provides an external locking disconnect.