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Bridge Breaker® Material Flow AidsBridge Breaker® Material Flow Aids

Bridge Breaker®

Design covered by U.S. and International Patents

An expanded metal screen is mounted inside of and parallel to the hopper wall. The shaker supported frame is rigidly mounted to the screen through the use of two bolt and spacer assemblies. The bolts pass through elastomer sealing mounts which permit the screen to be actuated externally by the shaker assembly. A support bar welded to the hopper supports the shaker reaction spring and shaker assembly. The shaker which is air operated imparts a thrusting action to the screen with an amplitude (typically ±1/8”) which is effective in shearing or under-cutting material producing gravity flow. Quiet operation is assured.

Typical Installation

Bridge Breaker single material flow aids or multiple material flow aids can be used in common bins and chutes to prevent formation of ratholes or material bridging. Larger installation commonly require more than one flow aid, staggered in mounting height around the circumference of the outlet. Activation can be sequenced to create maximum, cascading effect.

THAYER Bridge Breaker® flow aids are custom manufactured to meet a particular bin configuration, type of material, or unique installation application. Bridge Breaker Screens come in a number of different configurations.

Bridge Breaker® Controller (BBC)

Thayer’s Bridge Breaker® Controller (BBC) is a self-contained unit capable of operating a variety of Flow Aid devices (FADs) for the purpose of insuring material flows freely thru a hopper, bin or silo even at variable flow rates. It can control various devices such as Thayer’s Bridge Breaker®, electric or pneumatic vibrators, Air Cannons, Air Pads, or combinations thereof.

An advantage of Thayer’s BBC is the ability to finely control the ON/OFF time of the FADs. In particular, the BBC has the ability to be synchronized with a measurement of the outgoing material flow rate from a feeder or metering device. This way, the FADs are activated only as often as is necessary. Using a FAD too often can cause problems with the material discharge as well as being a tremendous waste of energy. The BBC can also tie (link) channels together, which allows cascading of the FADs to effectively and efficiently keep the material moving.

A single Bridge Breaker® Controller contains four separate channels and each channel is capable of controlling up to two solenoid operated air valves, each of which can operate one or two Bridge Breaker® screens or other Flow Aid Devices.

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