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Thayer Scale's Model "RF" Conveyor Belt Scale Celebrates its 45th Birthday!
Conceived, Engineered, and Born, in 1966 by Frank S. Hyer at Thayer Scale, Pembroke, MA, this unconventional belt scale design has steadily matured over more than 4 decades to become one of the most trusted "Belt Scales" in the world. The scale's appearance...



The Thayer Model RF-ALA Belt Scales are Ideal for Biomass Energy Applications
Available with 2,3,4, and 6 idlers, the RF-ALA belt scales were specifically designed for high accuracy (1/10 to 1/2% typical) inventory control and throughput totalization of light scale loading applications such as Biomass, wood chips, saw dust, tobacco and land refuse.



New Model SI Ultra-Sanitary Insertion Weigh Belt
Thayer’s new Model SI Ultra-Sanitary Insertion Weigh Belt is Built to Exceed USDA Standards for Cheese, Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Confectionary, Baked Goods, Prepared Foods and More



New "Cascade Blender"
Thayer's new "CASCADE BLENDER" is a unique combination of a Loss-in-Weight Cable Scale and Model MWF-OS-24 Sanitary Weigh Belt. Designed for Master/Slave operation for blending two materials in a limited space. Both feeders are mounted on a common portable stand along with control instrumentation.

Details: Weetabix Case Study

See Loss-In-Weight Feeder and MWF-OS Weigh Belt for additional information.

NEW NTEP APPROVED 4 and 6 idler Conveyor Belt Scales
Thayer Scale is pleased to announce that they have added a new line of conveyor belt scales that are NTEP Approved for commercial trade.

Details: NTEP Approved Conveyor Belt Scales

conveyor belt scale

NEW Strain Gauge Series of Load Cells, Scales, and Instrumentation
Thayer Scale is pleased to announce that they have added STRAIN GAUGE technology to their line of Conveyor Scales and Weigh Feeders.

Details: Conveyor Scales and Weigh Feeders

Conveyor Scales and Weigh Feeders
NEW 1RF "Quarry King" Belt Scale
Superior performance in an economical package. The 1RF-4A Belt Scale is designed for inventory control and totalization. The weighbridge of this single idler belt scale features exclusive rocking flexure suspension in the approach configuration. Weight sensing is sensitive, deflection is low and the scale is isolated from error-inducing effects of uneven belt tracking, overloading, belt lifting, and other common conditions.

Details: Quarry King Belt Scale

Quarry King Belt Scale
NEW "SB" Weigh Belt Feeder

Simplified construction and calibration results from suspending a complete synchronous-speed conveyor from a Thayer Flexure Scale. The type “SB” unit adapts well to existing vibratory, screw or belt conveyor installations where it has been determined that weight measurement and/or flow control is desired. Also on new installations, the combination of a suitable pre-feeder and type SB unit often proves the best approach considering both cost and material handling requirements.

Details: SB Weigh Belt Feeder

SB Weigh Belt Feeder
NEW Series 5200
The Series 5200 Instrument is designed to operate as an integral part of a weighing system to provide continuous information on material flow for external use. The Series 5200 instrumentation is comprised of four components: the Central Processing Unit (CPU), which includes the Application software on a Flash memory card, the Scale Unit (SU-5200), the Operator Interface (OI-5200), and the Scale Junction Box (SJB-5200). Accuracy in weight and speed signals, flexibility in both I/O assignment (user assignable) and system layout (CPU, OI-5200 and SU-5200 can be separated or mounted to the conveyor frame), and an intuitive display/keypad that makes the system easy to use are among the features that set the Series 5200 ahead of the competitors.

Details: Series 5200 Instrument

"New" Thayer Movies

Differential Screw

56K Modem / 69K
DSL / 442K
Cable / 910K
T1 / 1819K

Vibratory Feeder

56K Modem / 57K
DSL / 414K
Cable / 833K
T1 / 1665K

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