With high operating expenses, waste to energy, wood pellet and biofuel plants, must be as efficient as possible. From tracking the amount of raw ingredients collected to monitoring inputs and outputs of materials used for production be it, waste products for energy plant, corn stover, starch or grains for biofuels or waste wood for pellet production, accurate weight information is key to legislative compliance and operational efficiency to reduce greenhouse gasses. Weigh feeders and scales from THAYER collect vital information every step of the way to keep your operation running smoothly. There are four basic types of biomass energy technologies:

• Burning or gasifying biomass to produce steam to turn turbines to generate electricity

• Burning biomass to generate heat in thermal systems (combined with electricity generation this is “combined heat and power”)

• Processing biomass feed stocks to produce liquid fuels like corn ethanol or other biofuels


Where is THAYER equipment used in BIOMASS projects?

  • Municipal solid waste to energy use THAYER Belt Scales to monitor incoming material stocks..
  • Wood Pellet production uses THAYER Belt Scales for commercial trade weighing of materials for export and Loss-In-Weight Feeders for binder material feeding in making of the pellets.
  • Biofuels (Ethanol) THAYER weigh belts are used to accurately meter, corn stover, whole corn starch, germ, and bran into process to make Ethanol fuel.
  • Coal fired power plants use THAYER belt scales to blend coal with waste wood to produce a cleaner burning heat source and meet government pollution regulations.

Our equipment line consists of:

  • Light and heavy duty weigh belt feeders
  • Loss-In-Weight Feeders, twin and single screw, vibratory tray and rotary feeder
  • Unique conveyor belt scale designs that can accompany a wide range of conveyor configuration.
  • Hopper or silo discharge devise to assure precise uninterrupted flow of material on demand.
  • Process control and monitoring instrumentation packages

Bioenergy Related Equipment